DSSS 200V W/Auto Foil Outlet & Double Bubble Outlet #16157 - Each

Unmatched for Speed, Efficiency, and Accuracy

The Dual Split-Second Sizer’s digital control panel lets you easily set and adjust the inflation cycle time in tenths of a second. Precisely inflate one single balloon, two identically sized balloons, or two different sized balloons. Connects to a helium or nitrogen tank, or an air compressor*. The Dual Split-Second Sizer also makes inflating latex double bubbles easy with the Double Bubble Outlet. The Auto-Fill Foil Outlet inflates foil balloons to the correct pressure and size. Automatic sizing ensures balloons are properly inflated and eliminates costly balloon breakage. The Sound Reduction (SR) Outlets, make the unit up to 10 decibels quieter during inflation cycles.

* When using an air compressor with the Dual Split-Second Sizer, it’s recommended you use Conwin’s Air Compressor Hook-Up Hose to ensure moisture and dirt does not enter the inflator.

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