Balloon Bond (27m) #47433 - Each

Balloon Bond (90ft) #47433 - Each
Strong two-sided adhesive with two liners for ease of use.

Ideal for connecting balloons that naturally touch along long areas - foil to foil, latex to latex and even latex to foil.

Apply in temperatures above 55˚F (12˚C)

  • For best adhesion, gently remove the colored ink from the surface of each foil balloon with rubbing alcohol (or nail polish remover – depending on the foil manufacturer) and a Q-tip, then wipe the surface dry before applying the tape. DO NOT remove the silver covering under the ink.
  • Use pressure and time to achieve the best bond between balloons.
  • Tape is sticky in seconds, bonds in minutes (can’t be repositioned).
  • Avoid touching adhesive with fingers.