The balloon industry has developed the following practices, in line with the precedent set by the California Balloon Law, to ensure that balloons continue to be viewed positively and Pioneer Balloon Australia strongly recommends that all industry professionals adhere to them.

    • Never intentionally release a foil balloon. It's surface can conduct electricity and could cause difficulty if it were to come in contact with power lines. Also, foil balloons are NOT biodegradable.
    • Attach a weight to every helium balloon, whether latex or foil, sold in a bouquet or individually. This way, a balloon cannot accidentally fly away.
    • Separately tie each helium-filled, foil balloon to a weight or anchor. If the balloons get loose, this will keep them from being released as a bouquet and reduce the likelihood that they will become tangled in power lines.
    • Never use metallic ribbon on helium-filled balloons of any kind, as metallic ribbon conducts electricity and may come in contact with power lines if accidentally released.
    • Do not tie helium-filled foil balloons to other balloons to create clusters or groups of helium-filled balloons containing foil balloons. Such groups or clusters would stand a greater chance of getting tangled in power lines if they were accidentally released.
      • Latex balloons - or balloon pieces - can pose a suffocation danger (especially to young children). Properly dispose of broken balloons and let parents and young children know that a broken balloon or its pieces should never be put in the mouth.
    Pioneer Balloons Australia are proud members of the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance (PEBA) and work with state and national industry associations to maintain professional standards across the balloon industry.

    Click here to visit the PEBA Website for more information.

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